Pamir group of companies was founded in 2002 with the efforts of Haji Ahmad Shah Faqiri. This group of companies proved that is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in Afghanistan in 2006 and has produced more than 40 types of motorcycles in a limit period. In 2010 this group to take part in the creation of occupation and accelerate the process of industry, non-alcoholic beverages and Zalal Mowafaq Mineral Water Company purchased by this group. Party Energy Drink for the first time at the initiative of this group of companies has designed in high quality and is available to all our dear compatriots. Fortunately more than 700 permanent and temporary employees are working in the Pamir group of companies that represent the company's determination to create more jobs in Afghanistan. Pamir group of companies is van in the field of sport and arts development that fortunately proved by sponsor of Roshan Afghanistan premier league. This industrial group thinks to high quality and originality of its products.


  • PAMIR is company’s motorcycle brand which is widely recognized and become famous brand in the country.
  • In 2010, company production crossed 95000 nos. of motorcycle in single financial year and commands 46% sales in the Afghanistan market.
  • From 2006, company has been leading the market to be NO.1 in sales on the basis of quality and competitive price.

Contact Information:

 Central Office: 29 Hamal Square, Herat, Afghanistan

 Factory Add: Fabrike Herat, Hashemi Bridge Road, Side of Shohada Town,Herat,Afghanistan

 040 226 676

 (0093) 786 930 322

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