• Ensuring spare parts for each model to reach each dealer and each province.
  • Specialized master trainers with engineering backgrounds visit retailers of repute every month to upgrade manpower and apprise/service the sector.
  • Spare parts are provided for each and every models and ensures its easy availability in the market.
  • PAMIR Group has appointed a dedicated team to develop spare parts in PAMIR brand package and offer to after sales market as Genuine Parts of all its models.


  • PAMIR is company’s motorcycle brand which is widely recognized and become famous brand in the country.
  • In 2010, company production crossed 95000 nos. of motorcycle in single financial year and commands 46% sales in the Afghanistan market.
  • From 2006, company has been leading the market to be NO.1 in sales on the basis of quality and competitive price.

Contact Information:

 Central Office: 29 Hamal Square, Herat, Afghanistan

 Factory Add: Fabrike Herat, Hashemi Bridge Road, Side of Shohada Town,Herat,Afghanistan

 040 226 676

 (0093) 786 930 322

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